For the kitsch enthusiast in all of us.

Be original, stand out from the crowd. Everything you need to give your space a kitschy atmosphere. All inspired by retro prints.

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About us

Hey! This is Joe owner of the Kitsch Stuff Shop. I created this store for many reasons. I have been collecting vintage images for decades and wanted to share my love of kitsch. I found it hard to find good vintage items anymore in thrifts stores in the city. The pickings were slim and far apart. So what I found appealing in opening this store is that I could find new life to images I collected and also put them on new items. Making it easy to create a vintage, retro design look at home. 

Pure Retro Radio

From 70’, 80’s hits to your favourites songs you haven’t heard in a while. When you listen to Pure Retro Radio you’ll hear all the hits you love, and more. And it’s free.

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